Movie Quotes from Mechanic, The: Quotes from the movie Mechanic, The

-It takes a special kind of person to do that.
-I can dig it.
-You say you can ‘dig it’. But the fact is that you don’t know what you’re talking about.
-You do?
-Do I?
-Interesting. When he’s cornered, he answers questions with questions.

-That was pretty cold.
-I knew she wouldn’t do it.
-But had she done that, would you be willing to pick up the tab?

1/_Mr Bishop?
1/We would like you to go ahead with this one

1/_You don’t love me
2/_That kinda talk is foolish

Slowly, the time you take is very important. Savor it. Even what we’re doing now. You see, you must figure it carefully. Don’t rush, know every move, turn it over and over in your mind until you’re sure there are no holes. But you have to be dead sure, or dead, no second chances.
I’ll try and remember that.
Remember it, don’t try. Dead sure, or dead.

I live in my mind Mr Bishop ……. and so do you….

I live in my mind Mr Bishop ……. and so do you….

I’ve always been interested in primitive rituals like tucking the dead away

Murder is only killing without a license.

Remember, dead sure or dead.

See Naples and die

So this is what it looks like inside your head huh?

Steve….. if you’re reading this…. it means I didnt make it back…… it also means that you just broke a filament that’s just triggered a 13 second delay timer…….. game over…….BANG!!! you’re dead!!! [ BOOOM!!!!]

You always have to be dead sure….dead sure or dead.

You’re, uh, gonna be dead in five minutes.

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