Movie Quotes from Matinee: Quotes from the movie Matinee

(kid):Hey, he said hell! (older brother):It’s okay, it’s a crisis.

(kid):Nurse! I cut my elbow! (Nurse):That looks terrible…. NEXT!

(man):What in creation do you call that thing? (woman):Bill.

(woman):Bill, if you could only listen to the man in you and put the insect aside…. (Bill):Insecticide?! Where?!

Bill, this is General Akrum. Surrender now! Come down off that building; we’ve got sugar for you!

Grownups are making it up as they go along, just like you.

If a man and an ant were exposed to radiation simultaneously, the result would be terrible, indeed, for the result would be…… MANT!

If this picture is a flop I’m going back into real life, which as we know let’s you out!

It’s like I once wrote in a poem, ‘Destiny: it’s like a crazy river… where you see different people’s boats… that they have… going by on it. But the moral; the moral’s a knife… a big knife.’

Johnny Angel.


Manigator, Alliman…Seagator, Gatorgal, Galligator!

Men, fire your DDT missiles!

Oh man, look at Michelle! Do you think if the bomb were about to fall she’d do it with me?

The end of the world.

The Great Pretender.

The lion sleeps tonight.

The man who shot Liberty Valance.

There’s no more Shredded Wheat in the back. There’s no more Shredded Wheat in the whole Keys, and one of you will have to go to the atomic destruction with no damn Shredded Wheats!!

They tell you to put your hands behind your neck and they keep building bombs!

Walk, don’t run.

You have to understand, he’s not a monster, he’s a shoe salesman!

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