Movie Quotes from Masterminds: Quotes from the movie Masterminds

Milone:I don’t belive I just did that.
Ozzy:Neither do I

Ozzie: (over PA system) Attention K-Mart shoppers, we have a weather update for you. After those smoltering tropical highs, our next forecast will be for cooling temperatures, with a very high case of sudden showers. (Sprinkler systems activate, soaking Bentley and the commandoes.)

Ozzie: How is everyone over there? How’s Malone? Mr. Paxton: Oh, Malone, well, she hasn’t been found yet, but DeRoy’s here and it looks like he’s gonna be okay. I guess Bentley gave him quite a scare. Ozzie: What?! He was Bentley’s partner. Mr. Paxton: What? (to DeRoy) You were Bentley’s Partner? DeRoy: Your son is out of his mind! Mr. Paxton: No, my son is not out of his mind. Ms. Malone: He’s right one the money, you deviant swine! You are CAUGHT, you shithead!

Ozzy: Enjoy your Sauna Bentley.

Rafe: Is it hot in here.. Other Guy: Its.. It’s a little warm


Ya know, I’m not a violent man, but I really think I’m going to have to kill someone.

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