Movie Quotes from Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence: Quotes from the movie Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence

1) Champagne for two at Midnight 2) [face turns from a smurk to shock] for two?

1) Daniel with the matching bags 2) does it say that on the card 1) no

Frank: Where is this one in 10 million now? You’ve forgotten all about him haven’t you?
Martha: That’s not true!
Frank: Yes it is. You were sitting there thinking, this man is OK! He’s better than I thought. In fact most people are attracted to just about everybody. This perfect partner bollocks is just a physycal and chemical impossibility. Do you know why?
Martha: Why?
Frank: My perfect partner is me.
Martha: YOU?
Frank: Me – with breasts! The perfect relationship. We would like the same food, we’d like the same music, the sex would be great!

FRANK: Now answer me a question. Is that the behavior of a friend? Because I tell you – the only reason he was interested is because I was interested! …….
You wanna know the truth? I HATE HIM! I hate him, he hates me! We hate each other with the kind of commitment we only get from childhood friends.
The next time I see him I’m gonna break his nose! Break his nose and then break his fucking jaw! JESUS CHRIST!!!

I only want to be with you.

Martha: I’m Martha, by the way.
Frank: I know — (laugh) — yeah — you’re Martha, you’re American, and you’re looking for someone that you think — that you KNOW you’re in love with. Because you feel it right here, don’t you?
Martha: Like a thunderbolt!
Frank: A thunderbolt? Right! What does that feel like, for my education? What does that feel like, being struck by a thunderbolt?

The next time i see him i’m going break his nose, break his nose and break his fucking jaw

This is how women feel when they give birth

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