Movie Quotes from Married to the Mob: Quotes from the movie Married to the Mob

A regular menace to society.

Everything we own fell off a truck!

Everything we wear, everything we eat, everything we own fell off a truck.

Favorite Vegetable,,,Cucumber, favorite animal,,,,Tiger!

Hey, you playin 3 card monty with those kids again?
How much d’you take from them?
Twelve bucks.
That’s not bad.

Honey, forget about it!

I want a divorce.

My God, you people work just like the mob!

Rub my feet,they’re killing me.

That Bitch, she think her shit don’t stink!

The fries are crispy, the shakes are creamy, the continental is so dreamy!

Try keeping Tony on a leash. I think you’ll find one in aisle five.

We all make mistakes. The important thing is to realize it and do something about it, because everyone deserves a second chance.

We’re your friends, Angela, whether you like it or not.

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