Movie Quotes from Manchurian Candidate, The: Quotes from the movie Manchurian Candidate, The

–Congratulations, son. How do you feel?
–Like Captain Idiot in Astounding Science comics.

–How much do you actually know about your friend?
–I served under him. He was a good man.
–That’s what the neighbors always say about serial killers.

–I thought you said you lost this?
–I bit someone and found another.

–You will notice that I have told them they may smoke. I’ve allowed my people to have a little fun in the selection of bizarre tobacco substitutes…Are you enjoying your cigarette, Ed?
–Yes, ma’am.

…for what Saddam Hussein promised would be the mother of all wars.

America must prevail.

But if it’s not true, I will see you impeached on the floor of the Senate and bury you.

But now, we have come almost to the end. One last step. And then when I take power, they will be pulled down and ground into dirt for what they did to you. And what they did in so contemptuously underestimating me.

Cash is king, Marco. Cash is king.

COLONEL – Ben, what I came to tell you is Public Relations has bounced you back to me. And in your present state, there’s no possible way I can use you. As of this moment, I’m placing you on indefinite sick leave. Go away, Ben. Find yourself a girl. Lie in the sun. MARCO – I absolutely refuse. COLONEL – You don’t seem to understand. What I’ve just told you is not a suggestion, Major. It is an order.

Don’t ever touch me.

El Dorado 59970.

Hello, Captain. Do you remember me?

His brain has not only been washed, as they say…It has been dry-cleaned.

I believe democracy is not negotible.

I see the captain enjoys the road less traveled.

I want to talk to you too.

I’m not afraid of him.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the old wives’ tale that no hypnotized subject may be forced to do that which is repellent to his moral nature, whatever that may be. Nonsense, of course.

Intelligence officer? Stupidity officer is more like it. Pentagon wants to open a Stupidity Division, they know who they can get to lead it.

Invasive procedure.

It’s a terrible thing to hate your mother. But I didn’t always hate her. When I was a child, I only kind of disliked her.

It’s like somewhere along the line, I got brainwashed or something and…

It’s Polish caviar.

Manchurian Global funded me to make some of their scary shit.

Marco – What’s your name? Rosie – Eugenie. Marco – Pardon? Rosie – No kidding, I really mean it. Crazy French pronunciation and all. Marco – It’s pretty. Rosie – Thank you. MARCO – I guess your friends call you Jenny. Rosie – Not yet they haven’t, for which I’m deeply grateful. But you may call me Jenny.

My son is a war hero.

No, the captain enjoys not going down the highway dragging his ass so every Tom, Dick, and Qaddafi can take a whack at it.

Now, the Medal of Honor, Congressional Medal of Honor, is the highest award that any soldier could aspire to. What these brave men that I’ve talked about did should never be forgotton.

Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human
being I’ve ever known in my life.

Rogue scientists, mind control, Manchurian Global…Connect the dots, Raymond.

Rosie: Are you Arabic?
Ben: No.
Rosie: Let me put it another way: are you married?

The assassin always dies, baby. It’s necessary for the national healing.

The virus of capitalism is highly infectious.

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those that enter a room
and turn the television set on, and those that enter a room and turn the television set off.

There’s always casualties in war, sir.

These are only theoretical.

They can make me do anything, Ben, can’t they? Anything.

This is not an election. This is a coup.

Twelve days of Christmas! One day of Christmas is loathsome enough!

Wars are fought one battle at a time.

We can prevail.

We must secure tomorrow today.

Well, it depends on the demographic.

Why don’t you go and take yourself a cab and go up to Central Park and go jump in the lake?

Why don’t you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?

Why don’t you pass the time with a game of solitaire?

You couldn’t have stopped them. The army couldn’t have stopped them.
So I had to.

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