Movie Quotes from Man On Fire: Quotes from the movie Man On Fire

(While Creasy loads an RPG to blow up the AFI agent)
Person: But the church says God forgives
Creasy: Yes, God meets with man to forgive him. Its my job to arrange the meeting

–Do you think God will forgive us for what we’ve done?
–Me neither.

–Do you think they’d hire a drunk? A has-been?
–You have to keep it under control.

–It is history…Creasy history.
–No, that’s ancient history.

–What’s the catch?
–I drink.

A bullet always tells the truth.

A man,can be an artist, at anything food, whatever… it just depends on how good they are at it. Creases art is death… he’s about to paint his masterpiece

Blue Bayou.

Creasy’s art is death. He’s about to paint his masterpiece.

Creasy: They say a bullet always tells the truth… it never lies. It didn’t work for me, see if it works for you.

Fear has a voice

Fear has a voice.

Follow these instructions…Or God be with your child.

Forgiveness is between them and Goad, its my job to arrange the meeting

He can do more justice than ten years of your courts and tribunals.
Just stay out of his way.

I am the sheep that got lost, Madre.

I drink.

I think he’s in trouble.

I’m going home, too. I’m goin’ to Blue Bayou.

I’m going to cut off your fingers!

I’m gonna take your family apart piece by piece. You understand me? Piece by piece.


It’s off to the next life for you. I guarantee you, you won’t be lonely.

Look, no more questions.


nonya buisness

Person: What is the situation with Mr. Creasy?
Rayburn: Peter Ramos.
Person: Yes what was the daughter to him?
Rayburn: She shoed him, it was alright to live again.
Person: And they took that away from him?
Rayburn: And they’re going to wish they had never touched a hair on her head.

Remember…I’m a professional…If you keep your word, I will keep mine.

Revenge is a meal best served cold.

Tell me how it works.

That’s from Romans Chapter 12 Verse 21. I am the sheep that got lost madre.

The Bible speaks of forgiveness. Forgiveness is between them and God it is my job to arrange the meeting.

The gunshot holds no fear! The gunshot holds no fear!

Theres no such thing as TOUGH…there’s trained and untrained

While having a C4 implanted to his rear, and its time clock about to reach zero, Corrupt Cop: TELL ME! TELL ME! What do you want?! What do you wish?! Please!! Crimsey: I wish, you had more time.

Woman: What are you going to do?
Creasy: Im going to do what i do best… im going to kill everyone that was involved anyone prophited from it.

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