Movie Quotes from Man From Laramie, The: Quotes from the movie Man From Laramie, The

–Have you seen a doctor?
–Yeah, the best. That trip I made to Chicago wasn’t to sell beef. I went to see a specialist. He says I came too late. Nothing can be done.

–Where’d an indian get a rifle like that?
–He don’t say. I don’t ask.

–You’re just a hard, scheming old woman, aren’t you?
–Ugly, too.

But anybody can tell you that Chris Boldt is a man not to be trusted. That means nobody’s secrets are sacred with me.

He said everything here was built on greed and killing, and it would go on.

I figure this place owes me something, and I’m going to make it pay.

I want you out of Coronado.

I’m not running away from something I didn’t do.

I’ve thought about it too much to take. I’m going to do something about it.

It’s your neck, Lockhart. If you want a Christian funeral, you’d better leave some money with the undertaker.

Oh, no, I was hoping those supplies would never arrive.

Some men will sell anything for a profit.

Well, I always feel I belong where I am.

What did I do to you? Tell me. What did I do? I got a right to know.

You don’t choose your relatives.

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