Movie Quotes from Man Apart, A: Quotes from the movie Man Apart, A

(holding shotgun to guys head) you thought i wasnt gonna find you

(talking to stacy’s grave) i know that your with me in spirit… but i still miss you

(unloads chaingun in club) GET THE FUCK DOWN!!!

(vin pulls up)
sean: i like this car
hollywood jack:hey nice truck
sean: thanks
hollywood jack:in fact i was thinking about trading this one in for like 7 of those
sean:really, i really like it i like it better than the s600
hollywood jack:hmm
sean:oh let me get your licence and registration please
hollywood jack:may i uh ask what i did?
sean:ya your mudflaps, you got no mud flaps
hollywood jack:it’s a fuckin porsche
sean:well you wont have to worry about it when you trade it in for the truck….and your parked in a handicap spot did you know that
hollywood jack:(sarcasticly) oh really,oh no, aw shit
sean:you can go ahead and get out of your car
hollywood jack: thank you
sean:run this plate for me real quick….you can go ahead and get out
(hollywood jack thinks about it and decides not to) I SAID get out of the car
hollywood jack: this is fuckin rediculous!!when in the history of mankind has anyone been harassed for their FUCKING mudflaps
sean:watch your language
hollywood jack: oh i’m sorry let me refrase…FUCK YOU!!!
(sean walks over to him slams his head into the steering wheel and drags him by the hair out of the car)
hollywood jack:alright im out im out
sean:what does the name overdose mean to you
hollywood jack:over who?
hollywood jack:theres a human being named overdose
sean: answer the fucking question…you wanna tell me why you paged some drug trafficer ten fucking times in a row?
hollywood jack:i didn’t page anyone
sean:thats your saloon right the calls came from your saloon
hollywood jack:90% of my clients do narcotics AND they all use that phone, so i dont know
sean: so why would overdose refer to you as his supplier, your hollywood jack aren’t you
hollywood jack:come again
sean:hollywood jack
hollywood jack:my civil rights are being violated cause some jig drug dealer named overkill or oreo or whatever the fuck his name is mentioned a guy named hollywood jack ha, call my lawyer you cocksucker

I was just asking him for a schmoke (sean).

if i wanted you dead you would be

sean: still haven’t painted this place yet
demitris: sound just like candice man
sean: ya well ill come by this weekend with a couple of cans of paint
demitris: so whats goin on man
sean: its good i just staked out the place and i need four guys
demitris: staked out what place
sean: i found out where the money is
demitris: sean you should let the department handle this man
sean: i’ll be back for you in a little while
demitris: you should really let the boss handle this
candice: demitris have you seen rachael anywhere?
demitris: naw i haven’t seen her, she prolly in the house
(candice goes in with a disgusted look toward sean)
sean: what she doesnt want me here
demitris: things ain’t been so cool around here, you know when we
came to the hospital to visit you that freaked rachael out
she asked me when was daddy next to be laid up there in a
hospital, tubes all in my face and my chest
sean: i’m sorry about the family thing..big sexy’s in
demitris: sexy, you went and got sexy, naw let me tell you something
man we ain’t no gangbangers no more sean
sean: i know we’re not gangbangers
demitris: then whats with sexy
sean: im using whatever resources i have
demitris: naw man let me tell you something
sean: i just came here to get you, im gonna be back later we’ll work
this out
demitris: dont bother to come and get me i’m telling you im not
sean: your not gonna go be with us
demitris: ya thats right your fucking up, you outta control man
sean: how am i fucking up
demitris: everything you do is messy and i gotta come and clean up
after your sloppy ass
sean: but thats not my fault if somebody gets outta line
demitris: i’m not fucking with you sean
sean: how could you turn your back on me as long as we’ve been rollin
sean: what the fuck would you do ask yourself that, you talk about

sean:wheres stacy? wheres my wife?
demitris:look man um,you’ve been out for awhile and you lost alot of blood
sean:stace? stace, where is she, stace
demitris:(hands sean something of stacy’s) they buried her sean (sean starts to panic and trys to get out of the hospital bed)sean sean: STACY! STACY! WHERES MY WIFE! STACE
demitris: sean calm down calm down man i gotcha man i gotcha im here for you just hold on man we’ll take you there

the mexican cartels have fifteen hundred miles of border between them and the greatest drug consuming nation on earth, seperated by a fifteen foot high fence which starts at the pacific ocean and travels the distance of four states, they flood our streets day after day week after week at an average of twenty tons a month now thats enough to provide a line of cocaine for every man,women and child on this planet

we didn’t talk like cops, we didn’t look like cops, we didn’t act like cops, for that matter we never hung out with them either, we had an edge that came from growing up on the streets, and thats why we are the most succesful anti-narcotics crew in law enforcement

what are you gonna do man shoot me, FUCK YOU you arent gonna do shit cause push comes to shove your just a fucking cop (flips to them buring him alive and at gun point)

What did you just say to me? Did you call me a fucking faggot. Back from where I come from you get punced square in the face. Don’t ever disrespect me like that.

Who loves you???

ya i’m going to take you guys to diablo…or NOT

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