Movie Quotes from Mafia!: Quotes from the movie Mafia!

1)Let me ask you a question. Train A leaves Los Angelos at 3:00 at 80 miles per hour, and train B leaves San Fransisco at 4:00 at 60 miles per hour. Which train reaches Sea World first? 2)Dad, this is 1933. Sea World wasn’t even built yet. 3)You tried to trick me!

1)What happened to me? 2)You lost a lot of blood but we found most of it.

1)What happened to your face? 2)Car exploded.

1)You’re a daddy? 2)I’m a daddy. 1)Hi, what’s your name? 3)Diane. 2)I named him after his mom. 1)I’m a mom?

And Remember Vincenzo, Soup is good food!

fun florist run

heh heh heh….. ROLEX!!!

How could you do this?! A total stranger I could understand. You and another woman, maybe. Me, you, and another woman, definitely. But my own brother?

I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski. But I am wearing her underwear.

i found my keys.. that must mean i have a car!

I’m not my father, Diane, just like you’re not your father. If we were our fathers, what we did last night would only be legal in Arkansas.

Im never going to fit in tony im just going to be that prostide chick that never killed anyone

Jimmy iam passing on the family business to you. joey you get Wisconsin.

Let me give a peice of abvice, life is like a peice of cheese……………………………………………………………….Thats it.

Man is like cheese………


Run, florist, run!


That’s my liver, you dick!

Well … you lost a lot of blood; but we found most of it!

X: Be careful Vincenzo
XX: Oh mother, what could possibly happen?
(XX’s bike hits a curb, smashing him against a brick wall)

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