Movie Quotes from Madigan: Quotes from the movie Madigan

–A gun under every tuxedo.
–That’s right.

–I came here for justice. I’m going to get it. I don’t want a policeman’s idea of justice. I want a victim’s idea of justice, from the bottom looking up, not from the top looking down.
–I think you’re talking about revenge, not justice.

–If I asked for a warrant, you could show me one?
–We left it downstairs with the doorman.


Give ’em 72 hours to bring Benesch in.

How ’bout it? You want it with the Detective’s Special?


Human behavior patterns are very important in police work.

I’m hurt bad, Rocky.

The longer he’s loose, the shorter your life span.

Then I found out what he wasn’t getting wholesale, he was getting for nothing.

There’s this girl named Rosita he likes.

You know how the Chief Inspector has a distinctive voice and a way of talking.

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