Movie Quotes from Made in America: Quotes from the movie Made in America

(one person)Hey you wanna go out sometime? No. I was just asking if you wanted to see a movie or something. I said no. Bitch. Yo mama.

1. I don’t mean to be crass, but my sperm has been in your body. 2. And you figure you should just follow? 2.Well, I generally like to be first.

Are you giving me FACE?

Flashy can also mean you’re a penis head.

Great advertising idea, lock the customers in ’till they buy something. I wonder if that would work with trucks?

Hal: Mind if I come in and drain the lizzard?
Sara: Does that mean you have to go to the bathroom?

Hal: Must be a real bummer having a half white kid.
Sara: Fuck you.
Hal: Apparently we’ve already done that.
Sara: Get out.
Hal: You know, for being a free spirit, you are suprisingly uptight.
Sara: And you are, unsuprisingly, a pain in the ass.

Hal: You lookin’ for somethin’ special today?
Sara: Yeah, you’re head on a stick.

Hal: You smell like that everywhere?
Sara: I don’t know I’m not in the habit of smelling myself.

Hey are you sure you even want a father? They can be a real asshole sometimes.

I only use my oven to dry my sneakers.

I’m going to hear a new band: Stinky Night Gown.


Look at those kids on The Cosby Show. You know they’re mixed.

Mom, I found my real father today and he’s a mean asshole.

OH LOOK! THE TITTY SISTERS! This is absolutely his office.

Oh monkey man you’re full of stress.

Old white lady #1: Do the Urban Bush Woman shirts come in petite?
Old white lady #2: What is an Urban Bush Woman?
Sara: ME! ME! I’m an urban bush woman. I’M AN URBAN BUSH WOMAN!!

Real cowboys are strong and tough just like American trucks AND DONT FORGET : Hal’s your pal.

Sara: Are you giving me face?
Hal: What the hell’s that mean?

These earrings are a form of torture.

We’re shootin’ a truck commercial and he thinks it’s Gone With The Goddamn Wind.


What the hell’s that mean?

You can fight with me. You just can’t win.


Zora: Don’t you think a person has a right to know who her parents are?
Hal: No, no I don’t.

Zora: He’s a WHITE car salesman.
Sara: You mean he’s like a creamy egg shell kinda tan…
Zora: No, totally white like a white guy.
Sara: You mean he’s so light YOU THOUGHT he was a white guy.
Zora: No, he’s so light he IS a white guy.
Sara: What’s he doin bein white? I didn’t ask for a white man.

Zora: Just be my boyfriend. Boyfriends come and go.
T: I’ll come ‘n go. Where do you want me to start?

Zora: You’re white.
Hal Jackson: That’s true, but that won’t make much difference when we’re in the dark.

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