Movie Quotes from Mad Dog and Glory: Quotes from the movie Mad Dog and Glory

–How much am I going for?
–About 40 dollars.
–Is that all?
–Knocked down from 75.
–I must be out of season.

1) What, you got laid last night? 2): I don’t get laid, I make love.

1- I should do some sit ups or something. 2) Now?! 1) No not now…

I heard two Buddy Hackett jokes, a Pat Cooper, and half a Lenny Bruce. Another thing, you know, I was watching, you know. It was all shooting out at people. Sometimes you should aim in. You know, make a joke at your expense. Otherwise it looks, you know, kind of like it’s…comes off kind of hostile, you know what I mean?

I think we would both rather be somewhere else.

If I ever had an intelligent thought, it’d die a lonely death.

Open your mouth.

I know how to kiss.

The expeditor of your dreams.

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