Movie Quotes from M. Butterfly: Quotes from the movie M. Butterfly

(1)There’s a switch; the French calling the Chinese arrogant. (2) There’s no use fussing about it. Whenever I see one of them blowing his nose into the pavement, I remember what my father said: East is East and West is West and never the Twain shall meet.

(1)Well, education has always been undervalued in the West. (2)I wouldn’t say that. (1) Of course you wouldn’t, after all, how can you objectively judge your own values?

1) I am so afraid of my destiny. 2) There is no destiny, except the one we make for ourselves.

1) Why in Bejing opera are women’s roles traditionally played by men? 2) I don’t know. Most probably a remnant of the reactionary and patriarchal social structure. 1) No…it’s because only a man knows how a woman is supposed to act.

You seem awfully shy, Gallimard. Don’t say this is the first time that you are doing doing this. Gallimard: Well, you could call this my first extra-extramarital affair.

Are you my butterfly?

If you’re not careful, we’ll break all your pencils in half.

Yes, I am your butterfly.

Even the softest skin becomes like leather to a man who’s touched it too often.

Gachot, that means no more dim sum in the fuxingman district.

I am out of words. I can hide behind words no longer. What do you want? I have already given you my shame.

It has been 6 weeks since we last met, and still I have not heard from you. Sometimes I hate you. Sometimes I hate myself. But always…I seem to miss you.

my best friends wedding

Still playing the missionary, Gallimard? Or are there other positions that interest you as well?

The forwardness of my actions makes my skin burn.

There are fewer things I understand than I care to admit

willy lump lump

You listen to me. You’re nobody. You’re worse than nobody. You’re an accountant.

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