Movie Quotes from Lost in America: Quotes from the movie Lost in America

–That’s everything?
–Except leather.
–For what I’m paying, I don’t get leather?
–You get Mercedes leather.
–Mercedes leather? What’s that?
–Thick vinyl.

-That’s why I married her.
-That’s why I hired her.


i hope phil shabano gets eaten by dolphins

I lost a woman. A whole woman.

I think if Liberace had children, this would be their room.

I was on the road to nowhere. You know the road? It’s a nowhere road, it goes nowhere. You’re on it. You don’t know it. It’s a nowhere road. It just goes around in a circle.

I’m insane and responsible. This is a potent combination.

I’ve seen the future. It’s a bald-headed man from New York!

It’s time to get out. I want to touch Indians.

My legs are asleep. Let’s live here.

My point is we wanted to find ourselves and we did and we dropped out, just like they did in ‘Easy Rider’.

Nice dam, huh? Do you want to go first, or should I?

Say it! Say it! Say ‘I lost the nest-egg’. Go on, say it!

Shut up Brad! I hate your suit and I could hurt you.

The Desert Inn has heart! The Desert Inn has heart!

The nest egg is a very sacred thing.

This is what we talked about when we were nineteen. This is ‘Easy Rider’ but it’s our turn.

We’re in Hell. We entered Hell. When?

Well, I was the Idea Man there. So, when I say I have an interesting idea, I’m not speaking like any slob that walks in off the street.

You couldn’t be happy on a hundred thousand a year?

you never sell the nest-egg

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