Movie Quotes from Lord of the Flies: Quotes from the movie Lord of the Flies

#1: My auntie says I can’t swim, on account of my ass-mar. #2: Sucks to your ass-mar!

*singing* kiri kiri kiri kiri eleison

*stares intently at the pigs head on a stick*

Eat Shit and Die! – Jack

Haha I’m a big bad fly!!! Muwhahaa

I don’t know what happened. We did everything like adults

i think the book was good but i haven’t seen the moive:(

ive got the conch!

jack- because where the english..and the english are best at everything

JACK: There’s 8 million islands out her, why should they find this one?

jack: you talk too much, shut up fatty (ralph: his names not fatty..his names piggy (all: PIGGY HAHAHHA PIGGY

kill the pig, slit her throat, bash her in!

like a croowd of kids *shakes head*

mmmmmmmmm, flies. yum yum!

piggy : and there was thet bloody wasnt…what you said

Piggy: We did everything just the way grownups would’ve. Why didn’t it work?

ralph: there isnt a beastie i tell you there isnt a beast

Richard Cranium, you’re a wanker

Simon says: I see dead pigs!

Sucks to your ass-mar!


the best movie i’ve ever seen in my life

The chief has spoken.

the threat to tranquility and order comes not from without but from within the boys

there was a plane..THERE WAS A PLANE!

this book is for people who like to smell their own $h!t, in other words it sucks thx

Tis a very interesting book

We’ll have rules, lot’s of rules!


who knows where here? nobody knows were here..prehaps they know where we were going perhaps not because we never got there


your a sneak! and a liar and a bloody bloody thief!

[Character name], remember what we came for! My specs!

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