Movie Quotes from Long Good Friday, The: Quotes from the movie Long Good Friday, The

(Scene in the elevator)
DEREK THOMPSON: I wanna lick you, all over.
HELEN MIRREN: Saved by the bell.

Colin never hurt anyone…unless it was necessary

For more than ten years there’s been peace. We’ve all had a badge and we’ve all let it swing. I’ve done each and every one of you favors in the past. I put money in all your pockets! I treated you right well, even when you was out of order, right?!!! Well now there’s been an eruption!!!

I wanted a silent partner but you two are in a fucking coma!

Liberty! Diabolical liberty!

Touch of the Dunkirk Spirit, know what I mean?

You don’t crucify someone outside a church! Not on Good Friday!

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