Movie Quotes from Lock Up: Quotes from the movie Lock Up

Ah, Looks like some delicious garbage stew. Just like mom used to make.

All I gotta do is just er ……. RAPE THIS BITCH!!!! I get an extra $2000 every time she screams

DTA, don’t trust anybody.

Hey punk, when are ya gonna paint your nails, and answer the name bitch!?

Know What I’m gonna miss most about you, captain? Your incredible smile.

RAPE THIS!!! (Sly punches him in the balls)

So get this we shimmy!

They are gonna change your name from Dallas to Deep Fried Dallas.

They call me killer.
Dallas: That’s original. Did you think that up all by yourself, or did someone give you a hand with it?

This is hell, and I’m going to give you the guided tour

Warden whispering to Meisner: I’ll have your ass for this. I’LL HAVE YOUR ASS!!!!

Why, you little motherfucker, I’ll tear your little ass up!

You got your rules we got ours.

you want me,ya got me.

Your body has to be in here, but your brain doesn’t.

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