Movie Quotes from Little Nicky: Quotes from the movie Little Nicky

After much thought, the next person to rule hell for the next thousand years is….. me, What? What? Halluah, I mean that sucks.

Im from the south, the deep south

#1 What made you want to come see the Globetrotters today son? #2 I came for the beer and the bitches.

(after shooting a dart out of his penis) Now that hurt the both of us.

(nicky turning the disc backwards):i command you in the name of lucifer!

…. now your gonna see what a big horny big looks like….IN HELL!!!

1) Are you from the south? 2) Yeah the deep south *laughs*

1) Say it, say it! 2) Mr Beefy 1) And, I love you.

1)(humping another dog)Say Mr. Beefy! Say it! Say it! 2)Mr. Beefy 1)And…I love you.

1)After we’ve tried for many years, the Lord finally helped my wife concieve a baby. 2)No, no, no. Your best friend Fitzy helped your wife concieve a baby. He helped her concieve it ALL NIGHT LONG! 3)Hey hey hey!

1)Aren’t you hot in that jacket? It’s like 70 degrees in this hallway, where are you from, the south? 2)Yes…the DEEP south! (laughs hysterically) 1)Why is that funny? 2)I don’t know.

1)God is so smart 2) Yeah like jepordy smart!

1)God’s so smart. 2)Like Jeopardy smart.

1)Grand Central Station, Nicky! You gotta run! 2)You’ll never make it! You gotta die! 3)I’ll just go back to Heaven! 4)Not unless you do something bad right before you die! 3)You’re right! 5)Hey, Nicky! Cover Winkler in bees! You can do it! 3)Sorry, Henry. (Covers him with bees) 6)AHHHHH!!!

1)Hey Nicky what’s Ozzy tellin us? 2) Nothing all of his stuff was straight forward, but gentlemen, wrap your minds arount this (takes out Chicago V record and starts to play it backwardsand hears):In the name of lucifer I command thee to spread the blood of the innacent. 1)Chicago Kicks ass man

1)How could I have it, if I was in fact a thief? 2)I don’t know. 1)You’re messin’ with my business, bitch!

1)If you’re my mom, how come your not older? 2)Angels don’t get older, son. 3)I can’t believe you called him ‘son’! 2)This is soooo wild!!!

1)Look, sidewalk equals safety, middle of the road equals death. 2)From now on, I’m just gonna avoid all moving objects.

1)Nicky, I got no legs, I got no hips. I got one ear…(ear falls off)…I got no ears! 2)Now he’s got no ears. ARE YOU HAPPY, NICKY?! 3)Adrian’s got the whole city following me– 1)I CAN’T HEAR YOU, NICKY!!!

1)Oh my GOD! He just opened his mouth and swallowed that spit! 2)Ooh, that turn you on there, Rupaul?

1)Ozzy?!! 2)Holy shit.

1)The Lord gave my son the strength to get off drugs! 2)Ma’am, I know your son, and believe me he was better off ON the drugs. At least when he was smoking hashish he used to make me laugh occasionally.

1)These kids came here to see the Globetrotters win! 2)10 points off’n the Globetrotters on account of the bigmouth! Heh heh heh heh!

1)Usually the Globetrotters represent family entertainment! 2)Who gives a shit?!

1)What are you doing??? 2)I…I think I’m FLOATING! 1)Why would you be floating? 2)Maybe it was because of this cake I ate earlier! 1)Am I supposed to not be freaked out right now because I am!

1)What do you know about your mom? 2)My mom…my brothers say she was a mountain goat which would explain my chronic halitosis

1)What is this? A bulldog and his gay lover? 2)Oh, SHUT UP!

1)Where am I? 2) Lets see you were the man pretending to be a big horny bird, right? 1)yeah. 2) well now you get to see what an actual big horny bird is like…IN HELL. 1) I deserve this, I deserve this?


1)You know, I was in love once, but she said I wasn’t finanically reliable. 2)Now by she, you mean HE? 1)No. 3)BUSTED!!!

1. Get in the flask 2. What are you talking about? 1. I’m talking about an 8 piece…Let’s go

1. My television just blew up! 2. You’re DAMN right it did! I mean, really?

1.whats reefer? 2.’bout 500 bucks an ounce

1I can’t stop thinking about this girl, Valerie. 2)Why? Did she hurt you? Do you need to cry on my shoulder? 3)Easy, Liberace. 2)Oh, will you grow up!

666!…pick up sticks..

Adrian: (refering to Nipples) Well, maybe no THAT horrible but still pretty bad.

Adrian: 20,000 years ago Grandpa Lucifer said it’s better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Well, I’m tired of serving in Hell!

Angel #1: God is so smart. Angel #2: Like Jeapardy Smart!

Ay Diddley dee, are those things for me?

Beefy: Go get a soda out of the fridge.
Nicky: But those are my roommate’s sodas.
Beefy: (High-Pitched Mocking) BUT THOSE ARE MY ROOMMMATE’S SODAS! Does that sound like a statement THE SON OF THE DEVIL WOULD MAKE?!?!!!

Call me Mr.Beefy say it! Mr.Beefy annnnnnnd I LOVE YOU

Can I put my winky in your kitchen sinky?

Chicago kicks ass!

Chicago kicks ass!!

Damn you Kevin Spacey, you take all my parts!


DEVIL: I have no legs. I have no hips. I have one ear.(His ear falls off) I have no ears!

Do I have boobs on my head?

Do i have boobs on my head? Ya big ones!

do you need to cry on my shoulder
easy liberace

Does anyone really know what time it is?

gee dad…it’s kind of hot in hell

Get in the flask.
What are you talking about?
I’m talking about an 8 piece, let’s go!

Good Luck with the nipple rubbing…
I dont need luck, IM GOOD!!!…. OOOOOH

Growing up I wasnt much to look at so i started consentrating on making other thinks look pretty.

Has the lord ever given any of my eneimies the herpes?

He might be the son of satan

He’s got smoke balls!!!

Highway to hell.

Holy Schnit!

How about this, I’ll sit here enjoying my pizza and my peppermint schnapps…and YOU go back.

How you feelin’ over there, Satan Abdul Jabar?

I believe in the butterflies.

I came for the beer and the bitches!

I can shit on the street. You can’t.

I don’t need Luck, I’m GOOOD.

I droped a fat sack of reefer in the mix

I got energy up the ying-yang! Let’s go save Dad! Adrian! Cassius!
(gets hit by a bus)

I like your glasses, they make your eyes look all big and sparkily,

I love Chicago.

I think we’re about to see a devil show down there. Ha Ha Ha!!!

I use to talk normal til my brother hit me in the face with a shovel

I used to go to a nude beach for fun, but they kicked me out for always pointing.


I’m no George Clooney!

I’m sleeping… or am I

I’ve decided the ruler for the next ten thousand years is going to be……. ME!

In the name of lucifer i command you…. CHICAGO KICKS ASS!!!

It’s all in the Hips.

It’s time for Hitler’s punishment.

ive never been to earth dad, i never even slept over some other dude’s house

Jesus this Mosses that Abraham hit me with a wiffile ball bat

Jimmy the Demon: Remember at 4:00 you have to shove a pineapple up Hitler´s ass!

JIMMY: You were gone for ten seconds. What happened?NICKY: I got hit by this big light, that was attached to a lot of metal.DEVIL: That’s a train son. Don’t stand in front of that.

Judas Priest, maybe.

Just letting you know, you’re shoving a pineapple up Hitler’s ass at one.

Larry’s so harry!!!

last time i saw jugs that big two rednecks were blowin on them

Let’s face it…I’m no George Clooney

Look…a window…oh… hello Mr. Devil…I like your cape. (scratchy laugh)


Man:You can do it ozzy bite his freakin head off!

Maybe you love her, but what do I know, I can’t even see straight

Mr Beefy: Say it; say Mr. Beefy, comeon sayit. 2) Mr. Beefy

my brother casius hit me in the face with a shovel

My underwear is so far-up my ass i can taste it!

Nicky (to the blessed demons eating chicken): You put the food in your mouth. Then you move your teeth up and down. Then you let it slide down your throat hole.
Nicky (to the blessed demon eating the rabbit): NOT YOU, NOT YOU!!!!!

Nicky’s dad: You weren’t gone ten seconds what happened? Nicky: I was hit by a light with metal attached to it. Nicky’s Dad: That’s a train,son, you don’t want to stand infront of them

Nicky(snoring in the park): I will eat your hearts

Nicky, that was a train. Do not stand in front of them.

Nicky: All right, bro, the jig is up then. Get in the flask, come on, slide right on in!
Beefy: It ain’t me, moron!

Nicky: Ozzy?
Adrian: Holy shit!

Nicky: What’s reefer?
Beefy: About 500 bucks an ounce. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, there’s this blind guy outside and he may LOOK possessed, but he’s just crazy.

Oh Billie

oh man, chicago rules

Oh, and don’t forget, you’re shoving a pineapple up Hitler’s ass at four o’clock.

Okay, I’m going to pretend I didn’t just see a dog on the couch because my mind can’t even process that right now. But were you about to drink one of my Cokes?

Ooh, I think Victoria just told me her secret!

Oops, sorry Nipples.



Pick Me A Winna!

Popey’s Chicken is fucken’ awesome!!


Popeye’s chicken is ass kickin’!

Popeye’s Chicken is fuckin’ awesome!

Popeye’s Chicken is fucking awesome!

Popeye’s Chicken is the SHIZNAY!!!

Popeye’s chicken’s fuckin’ awesome

Popeyes chicken is fuckin awesome!

Popeyes chicken is fuckin awsome

Popeyes chicken is the shiznit

Release the good!

Rise and shine, devil guy. Some dude just stole your shit!


Scottie be a good little boy and go downstairs and let ur mother get comfy! cuz im a big bird who wants to see the rest of mommy!hahaha!

SCOTTIE: Who is this?
PEEPER:Just a little birdie. A birdie who wants to see if your mother’s panties match her bra.
MOTHER: Oh my G-D Scottie. Is there a man up our tree?
PEEPER:Tell her no. Tell her it’s just a big bird.

Take him to the hole! I mean woof!

Ten points off the Globetrotters for account of the big mouth.

that was before my brother casius hit me in the face with the shovel, thats me now

The Devil God is back from the dead!

Theirs only one thing better than drinking a cold whisky sour on a hot alabama night…. and thats telling the truth. I know what you think about me grandma. You think Im a lazy slumbabum who aint never gonna amount to anythang…. well old woman you are WRONG!!! (door knock) you are wrong

This cake tastes a little funny
Thats cuz I thew a fat bag a reefer in the mix

This Coke tastes like Pepsi

This Coke tastes like Pepsi?!?!

this just in… im cheating on my husband with the weatherman

Tithead, go with my father!

TODD:What’s Nicky doing down there?
DOG:Trying to capture his brother in a flask and preserve the balance of good and evil on Earth.
TODD:Did you just talk?

uh.. beer lowers the body temperature.. i read that in a beer magazine

We are all goinga diiiie

We thought the son of Satan would
understand a move like this.

wha happened

What’cha gunna do? Bite me with your snaggletooth?

What??!! Scotty Dunleavy? What an unpleasant suprise. GET OUT! Don’t you know this is naughty time?

You are all about to witness the most horrable sites immaginable(see’s Nipples) ok maby not that horrable.


You can do it Ozzy! Bite his fuckin’ head off!

You can do it Ozzy, bite his frickin head off!

You can’t go in there the fire flows in!not out!

You can’t talk tough, Nicky. Even the voice inside your head has a speech inpediment.

you cant talk tough nicky, even the voice inside your head has a speech impediment

You love acting, I love pissing!

You make the Lord very nervous.

You’re damn right it did!! I mean…really??

{Nicky puts in a chicago record}
Todd: I love chicago
{Nicky then plays it backwards i command you in the name of lucifer the spill the blood of the innocent}
peter: wow! chicago kicks ass!

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