Movie Quotes from Little Monsters: Quotes from the movie Little Monsters

(Maurice pulls down Brian’s pants and leaves him in his boxers) 1)Maurice! What are you doing? 2)Nice ass! 3)Good intwister too! (later on) 1)Not even my mother’s seen me in my boxer shorts! 3)Brian is that the only person in you life? A woman who wears an over the shoulder boulder holder?

1)What about that kid Ronnie Coleman? 2)Mom, Ronnie Coleman’s a toad. 1)Well he seemed like a nice kid to me. 2)Good then you can invite him over for some milk and dead flies. 1)I would but your father ate them all…

A man’s best friend – his right hand

Aargh, window pane!

Any of you freaks know how to pick a combination lock?

Brian! Be reasonable! Why waste five lives when you can gain four?

Do you wanna go to military school!?

Down here, distance is like time, and time is like polyester with an acrylon blend…


Hey Snik! How about a light, bud?

I thought it was something good but it’s snot.

I’ll let your friends and your brother go…if you’ll stay and be my pal!

In the name of science im going

No deals!

Not even my mum sees me in my boxer shorts.

Well, do you ever see her in hers?


Piss! Who put piss in my applejuice

Ronnie: Stephenson, if it’s the last thing I do today, I’m gonna make sure I make you eat this shirt.

Brian: I’m surprised you haven’t ate it already!

We get the shit, we smash the shit, and then we put the shit back. It’s called Monsterball. We do the bashin’ and you get the thrashin’. Let’s play ball.

What made you think the cat needed a shave?

Whose the Eric who threw his lunch @ me?…..Are YOU Eric?…Ya want THIS back?!

Why such cruelty

Wow Baseball cards…I luv Baseball cards..Gotta em gotta em..need em gotta em need em need em gotta em gotta em need em..

You can’t jam a basketball. You can’t have a hand grenade go off in your lap and survive. But you can take a walk on the wildside.

Your telling me, you don’t like anyone besides your mom, who wears an over the shoulder-boulder-holder!?

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