Movie Quotes from Little Man Tate: Quotes from the movie Little Man Tate

Hey kid, what you doing with the world?

1 – You look crabby. 2 – I’m not crabby. I’m pensive.

1. You know what next Saturday is ? 2. You get your period. I spend the day alone in the park.

dede: i love you mom
tate:i love you too kido

Jane: Damon ! Damon ! How many fingers am I holding up ? Damon: Orange. Jane: He’ll be fine.

M-A-I-T-A-I Mai Tai. Did I say Margarita ? I don’t think so.

What’s my major ?? Russian Lit, Poly-Sci,boogly-boogly, toilet training, nose picking, eating dirt…one of those.

Without Jane i’d be just another creep with a cape.

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