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Biologically this responsibility falls on the female, but ethically, it should fall equally on the male.

But remember … to pull this thing out, we only have to win one of our two arguments … the legal or the philosophical. And we only need three out of the five judges to go along with us.

Don’t you see the bind we women are in? With Roe vs. Wade you gave us the freedom we needed, the freedom we deserved, to be the final voice of what happens to our own bodies.
But on the other hand you gave us a cross to heavy for any woman or man to carry alone. Because you gave us the God-like power to terminate life.

For some women, this awareness comes when they watch a movie .. or they see kids playing in the park. For me, it came when I saw a close friend of mine die.

Garson … I’ve had enough cross-ex for one day. How would you like it if I asked you why such an intelligent man as yourself dates such shallow people?

Hey … forget that junk … it’s not in there.

How about a hug Chicago ???

I trust the chicken man !!!

I’d like to close with a quote … from my good buddy Dostoyevsky, that pretty much sums up the affirmative position.

I’ve given you the wrong impression. All I want is a friend. I’m not coming onto you, Monica.
Garson, you’re drunk.
No, I’m NOT drunk.
Let me out!
No … not until I’m sure you understand.

Imagine that you were creating a fabric of human destiny. With the object of making men and women happy in the end. Giving them peace and rest at last. But that it was essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature.
That little baby beating it’s breast with it’s fists for instance. And to found that edifice, that wonderful new world on that child’s unavenged tears. Would you consent to being the architect on those conditions? Tell me … and tell the truth.

Live with it!!!!!

Look at you, what are you afraid of? It’s just me.
Oh … I know. It’s just that I’m … I feel like I shouldn’t be here, I guess.
Why? ‘Cuz you’re afraid you might wanna seduce me?
Well you don’t think I’m out to seduce you, do ya?
I don’t know … are you?

Maybe you see things in Tucker and me that aren’t really there.

Monica, I feel so trapped. I mean I wish I had your confidence … or Tuckers … the way you guys both seem to know exactly where you’re going.

Monica: Hasn’t anyone ever dated you for you and not all that other stuff?
Garson: Well … if they were that way when they walked in the door, they sure didn’t leave that way.
Ya see, I have this incredible knack for bringing out the worst in people.
Monica: Nice quality.

Monica: I feel so free. I never thought people could feel this free. Tucker: You didn’t make that up did you? No wonder you never trusted me.
Monica: I trust you now.

My mother never had an abortion………..neither did mine

No … I don’t mind answerin’ that. It’s because I don’t know the first thing about real love.
All I’ve ever seen are abortions of love. The love of power … the love of money …

No … you see things in ME that aren’t really there. You’re gonna go way beyond anything I ever did in debate Monica, I’m sure of that.

No, but I wanna get to know you better. What I said to you upstairs was true … I know absolutely nothing about how to relate to nice girls.
Girls that don’t always want something from me. But you like me for me, right Monica?

Now you … why do you work so hard to hide this beauty from the world?
Well, for one thing, I’m not a big exhibitionist.

Oh no ya don’t … the affirmative is convinced that there’s more to it than that. Resolved some boy hurt you. You tell me what his name is and I’ll break his knee caps.
You’re wrong … no boy ever hurt me.
Then who did?

Oh Tucker….you’re so strong

So a … what’s with you and Tucker anyway? You two gettin’ it on?
Tucker and me? Be serious.

so are you here on scholarship too?…
Yep, debate.
Your Tomanski…..your supposed to be brillant.

So if you’re not into Tucker, what’s the deep dark reason why you never go out on a date?

The judges will give their decisions based on their seniority.

The reason I’m telling you this today is because I’ve realized very recently that life may not be the long ride we think it’ll be and because there’s obviously no other way to cut through these cold statistics and rational opinions and give you … men in particular, a true look into the hearts of women.

Wait, Monica … if I had someone like you who believed in me it would be so much easier.

we have one for the computer….how do you sell abortion to a catholic judge

Well it’s nice to be loved

What I’m about to tell you is something I haven’t told anyone in four very long years. Not my parent’s, not a single friend, no one.

When I was 14 years old I was raped by one of the bartenders who worked in my father’s bar. I got pregnant and I had an abortion. Afterwards, I couldn’t trust men at all. I couldn’t relax … or feel anything. And I carried around with me this deep depression about life. And I blamed it with all the rest on the rape, but this year I realized thatthe abortion had affected me just as much. You see … abortion is a deceptive issue.

When it’s happening all loaded up on Demoral, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal … just a minor operation to remove a major problem.
But later … sometimes years later, it hits you of what you’ve done. It doesn’t just hit you .. it devastates you.

Yes, I had an abortion. And I’d do it again if I was raped. But what I realized the night that my friend died, was that life, born and unborn is precious.
And to waste even one life … even the life that I wasted, is so very sad.

You’re flying low Muldoney…..

You’re the wrap-up specialist, aren’t you? So go wrap it up Muldowney.

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