Movie Quotes from Lion King 1½, The: Quotes from the movie Lion King 1½, The

Everything the light touches… belongs to someone else!

It’s either that slug I ate or i’m having an epiphany!

Meerkat! It’s what’s for dinner!

Pumba: Shall we run for our lives?
Timon: Oh yes let’s

pumba: timon.. i don’t do well in crowds!

Pumba: were you just picking your nose
Timon: no i had an itch on the inside

timon’s mom to rafiki:that’s a metaphor!

Timon- When did he get to be a beauty Pumbaa- when did he grow to be so tall Timon- wasnt it yesterday that he was small? (Both break into a chorus of sunrise sunset from fiddler on the roof)

Timon: (imitating singer) What’s on the menu? It could be ceviche. Stinky-oo it’s Pumba!

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