Movie Quotes from Limey, The: Quotes from the movie Limey, The

–Do you understand half the shit he says?
–No, but I know what he means.

-what makes you so certain?
-i bloody ask him.
-fine, there’s the phone. you want his number?
-i’ve got his number.

1)How are you doin’, then? All right, are ya? Now look, squire. You’re the gov’nor around here. I can see that. I’m on your manor now, so there’s no need to get your knickers in a twist. Whatever this bollocks is that’s goin’ down between you and this slag Valentine, it’s got nothin’ to do with me. I couldn’t care less. Alright, mate? Let me explain. When I was in prison… second time- Uh, no, tell a lie. Third strech, yeah. Third. Third. There was this screw what really had it in for me. And that geezer was top of my list. Two years after I got sprung, I sees him in Holland Park. He’s sittin’ on a bench feeding bloody pigeons. There was no one about. I could’ve gone up behind him and snapped his fucking neck- [smacks hands] Wallop- but I left him. I could’ve nobbled him, but I didn’t. ‘Cause what I thought I wanted wasn’t what I wanted. What I thought I was thinkin’ about was something else. I didn’t give a toss. It didn’t matter, see? This bloke on the bench wasn’t worth my time. It meant ‘sod all’ in the end. ‘Cause you’ve got to make a choice when to do something and when to let it go. When it matters, and when it don’t. Bide your time. That’s what prison teaches you, if nothing else. Bide your time and everything becomes clear, and you can act accordingly.2)There’s one thing I don’t understand. The thing I don’t understand is every motherfucking word you’re sayin’.


First in, first out. That’s me.

I’m looking for a new kind of satisfaction.

If you could afford a place like this, you’d buy a place like this.

It Happens Each Day.

Magic Carpet Ride.

My name’s Wilson.

The Seeker.

When you’re dead, you’re dead a long time, so you better get busy and do what you got to do.

You tell him I’m coming!

You tell im i’m fucking comming!

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