Movie Quotes from Like Mike: Quotes from the movie Like Mike

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(Lil Bow Wow) Wow, look at allthis newequipment for our orphange
(Basketball Player) Too bad you won’t be able to see it in another year or so
(Lil Bow Wow) What?
(Bball Player) Your coming home with me
(Lil Bow Wow) Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this
(Bball Player) go say bye to ur friends
(Lil Bow Wow) Ok!
(Lil Bow Wow) Guess What! I have been adopted!!
(Blonde Haired Boy) O great for you
(Lil Bow wow) Excuse me but tday is buy one orphan get the secnd free
(Bball Player) So whom am I spose to take home with me
(Lil Bow Wow) Him! (Pointing to the blonde haired boy)
(Bball Plaer) Yo Boy, Come over here..your coming home wih me
(Blonde Haired Boy) Realy??!?! That’s awesome..Now we are a TRUE family!!

first of all i ain’t your boy alright. i’m not gonna be playing monopoly with you gamecube, ribicube, anything with a cube i ain’t playin. third you know i’m not gonna be tucking you in at night and i’m definitely not gonna read you the 3 little bears you got that?

guy: You’ve got to help me with my geometry.
girl: I can’t.
guy: Why not?
girl: Cause I don’t understand it any more than you do.

I can’t believe you told me you don’t have your dad. I would do anything just to have a father.

lil bow wow: well ahh… can i come? tracey renalds: well ahhh…NO!!

lil bow wow:I’m just hieght challenged thats all orpphan boy:whats hieght challenged? lil bow wow:better then being brain challenged

okay YOU tottaly ruined taht whole scene thank y ou very much ass if your gonna write a quote listen to the movie word by word plagarized freak. GOD JUST GO AWAY AND DIE

tracey: ok so whats this triangle?
calvin: well it’s an acute triangle….thats because calvin cambridge is soo damn cute!

[Adoption day.]
Calvin: I’m having a good feeling. Today’s the day I’m gettin’ adopted.
Ox: You’re not gettin’ adopted. None of us are. Face it; we’re like dogs. Parents only want the puppies.
[No one adopts Calvin, Murph, Reg or Ox.]
Calvin: [Throws away nametag.] So much for me being special.

[After having fun playing basketball.]
Murph: What’s the best part of playin’ in the NBA?
Calvin: Room service.
Ox: What’s room service?
Calvin: Ok. You’re in a hotel room. You pick up the phone, dial 6, and they bring you up some food… for free.
Ox: For free?! Stop messin’ with me.
Calvin: I’m serious.
Tracy: [Eavestroughing.] Room service?!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Like Mike’: Quotes from the movie ‘Like Mike’

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