Movie Quotes from Light It Up: Quotes from the movie Light It Up

1.What would your father say if he were here?
2.He’d say be a man.

all i gotta say about lester is…thats my boy

All I know is what you do on this planet, yo man, thats up to you – Ziggy.

it’s not how long you live, but how you live, and what you live behind.

its ALWAYS a fuckin mistake with you people!!!

jackson: come here son
lester: dont call me son i am not yo son

Lester:What Do we want from the cops?
Ziggy:I’m hungry how about 50 pizzas from Pizza Hut, x-tra X-tra large.
Rivers:Martini, shakken not stirred
Lynn:Ask em for Life incerinse Lester

Lynn:(telephone rings) Don’t answer that the telephone is the dark ages, if we’re gonna do this lets do it right, lets go global.

Lynn:(to Stephanie)Listen princess,I’m sick of smart and pretty girls looking down on slags like me.

Lynn:..from dumb, fat sluts. RIvers:Youre not dumb

Lynn:All I wanted Him to do was kiss me , I never even got the kiss.

My boy kept his promise after all…

Rivers: a lot of famous people come from… Lynn: dumb sluts who get knocked up? Rivers: you’re not dumb.

Rivers:So what are you gonna do?
Lynn:Well, I was kind of hoping the would nuke us so I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Stephanie: We could have a career day.
Lynn: Career Day? Oh thats a great idea now that our futures so bright.
Stephanie: Since you have all the answers Lynn. what do you want?
Lynn:What I Want HAs nothing to do with this school. I won’t even be here in a few months.
Stephanie:Where are you going to be?
Lynn: Fat and Sick okay.

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