Movie Quotes from Less Than Zero: Quotes from the movie Less Than Zero

1:watch out for sharks! 2:what about you? 1:aw, they know me!

Bump ‘n grind.

Clay: Are you happy, Blair? You don’t look happy.
Blair: But do I look good?

Clay: Just leave with me! There’s no reason for you to stay. Not here, not in LA.
Julian: Jesus! Do I look like I’m ready for homework?

Fight like a brave.


It’s funny. When you called me, I was coming home to see you.

Life fades away.

Moonlight drive.

Okay, I’ll call Betty Ford…you want me to get him a room, fine.

She’s lost you.

We want money!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Less Than Zero’: Quotes from the movie ‘Less Than Zero’

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