Movie Quotes from Leprechaun: Quotes from the movie Leprechaun

-What are you?
-Isn’t it obvious? The clover on me hat? the buckles on me boots? why im a leprechaun…shoe maker by trade…and speakin of shoes… youres could use a shinin… but first, tell me where my gold is or ill bite your ear off…and ill make a boot out of it.

Bad shop owner…bad shop owner…

By the luck of the irish

Cop:Aren’t we alittle old to be out this late. Leprechaun:No,I’m 600 years old. Cop:Ok smart ass why don’t you take off that ridiculous mask. Leprechaun: Its not nice making fun of a lprechaun. Cop: Oh so now your a leprechaun. Leprechaun:Uh huh! (then the leprechaun scratches the cop’s face)

Diddely diddely dee, a leprechaun is me!

Four leaf clover.

Fuck you lucky charms!

Kiss me you fool ahhhhhhhhh.

little girls shouldnt go looking for four leaf clovas….

look at the buckles on me shoes

so i was fucking this guy in the ass… and he reaches back and starts stroking my balls so i pull out and say… what are you? some kind of faggot?

Take that you little green bastard…(throws match)

This old lep, he played one, he played pogo on his lung.

try as they will try as they might the one who steals me gold wont live through the night

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