Movie Quotes from Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde: Quotes from the movie Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde

(Elle passes Paulette a snow globe) Paulette: Wow! I can hear the ocean!

*holds up snowglobe to her ear*
wow i can hear the ocean!

1) (sniffs pink dog poo bag and realises it is scented)
2) it’s good to help each other every once in a while

1) You can count for a vote from the sunshine state 2) Thank You Ohio!

1. Ya know what I thought the first time I saw you? 2. God that woman wears a lot of pink?

1you dont like me 2clearly

You got the wrong versace lady.

Delta who? Delta who? Delta, Delta, Delta NEW

elle woods – its like a red box thing..
laywer – the hopper?
elle woods – yes! thats it, its like a bunny!

elle woods- one honest voice can carry over a crowd

Elle: as sure as i am that no one looks good in teal

Elle: blonde is not simply A hair colour, it is a whole race

Elle: Hello, im Elle Woods
Man: Well im an old congresman from Delaware
Elle: oh, ive been to delaware, no sales-tax… good one sir

Friend: Oh!! The bend and snap! Paulette: This morning i did the bend and snap.. naked.

Gather thee round
friends and fauxs together
united and bound
pass it to your neighbor
instead of blowing up
and we’ll find harmony & love in the
snap cup

Hello everyone my name is Elle Woods and I’m here to speak to you today about a piece of legislation called Bruiser’s Bill. But you know, today is supposed to be about education so instead I want to tell you about the education you all have given me over the past three months. See one day I came to Washington to help my dog Bruiser and somewhere along the way I learned a really… unexpected lesson.

I know what you’re thinking, who is this girl? And what could this simple small town girl from Bel Air have to say to all of us? Well I’ll tell you, it’s about something that’s bigger than me or any single act of legislation this is about a matter that should be at the highest importance to every American, my hair.

You see there’s this salon in Beverly Hills. It’s really fancy and beautiful but it’s impossible to get an appt. I mean unless you’re Julia Roberts or one of the girls from Friends you can just forget it. But one day, they called me. they had an opening. So I was finally going to get the chance to sit in one of those sacred beauty chairs. I was so excited. Then the colorist gave me Brassy Briggite instead of Harlow Honey. The shampoo girl washed my hair with spiral perm solution instead of color intensive moisturizing conditioning shampoo. finally the stylist… gave me a bob, with bangs.

Suffice to say it was just wrong, all wrong, for me. you know? First I was angry and then I realized my anger was completely misdirected. I mean this wasn’t the salon’s fault. I had sat there and witnessed this injustice and I had just let it happen. I didn’t get involved, in the process. I forgot to use my voice. I forgot to believe in myself but now I know better.

I know that one honest voice can be louder than a crowd. I know that if we lose our voice or let those who speak on our behalf, compromise our voice than this country, this country is in for a really bad haircut. So speak up America , speak up. speak up for the home of the brave. speak u

Hello, patriots!

Her Beagle’s name is Dolly Madison, which was my grandma’s stripper name!

How is the snap cap like elle woods?…they are both…..STUPID

I couldnt be prouder of the little flamer!

I haven’t been this excited since Gucci became a publically traded stock!

I havent been this excited since Gucci became a publicly traded company

If I wanna give a voice to Bruiser, I have to go to the place that gives a voice to the people!
Oh my god The headquarters of Cosmopolitan Magazine

if the fabric doesn’t work with you, dont work with the fabric, (it’s one of my favourite mantras)

Is this super fun or what?

Is This Super Fun or what??

Lady: You cant get the people to care
Elle: Watch me!

Look it’s Capital Barbie!

Look…It’s capital Barbie.

Never underestimate a girl with a french manicure and a harvered law degree

Never Underestimate a girl with a Harvard Law Degree and a french manicure!

Paulette: Last night I did the bend and snap naked and i broke a window!

Snap Cup time
gather around
friends and foes together
united and bound
pass it to your neighbor
instead of blowing up
and we’ll find harmony and love
in the snap cup!

Speak up, America, for the home of the brave. Speak up, America, for the land of the free gift with purchase. Speak up, speak up!

To succeed in Washington, you need to be savvy and street-smart. I’ve seen plenty of polite and idealistic girls like you. They tread up and down in their high heels and went home empty handed and with blisters on their feet.

Too Nancy, too Hillary, too monica, too perfect for words!!

ugh. all day long i’ve felt like white open toed shoes after labor day.
Sid: i hate that feeling.. uh, whatever that means

well are you sure i mean i could get married anywhere, ( turns round to class) I’M GETTING MARRIED UNDER THE GREEN MONSTER!

Who’s ready to discharge!!

Whoeva said orange was the new pink is seriously disturbed!!!!

You look like the 4th of July. Makes me want a hotdog real bad.

you look like the 4th of july…..that makes me want a hotdog real bad

You look like the fourth of July.. Makes me want a hot dog reallll bad..


Your dogs are Gay!

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