Movie Quotes from Laws of Attraction: Quotes from the movie Laws of Attraction

1) ‘When it’s as if you can touch the horizon, you’re near your journey’s end’ 2) Hemingway? 1) No, my Uncle Clive, but equally profound, don’t you think?

1) He’s what I want, he’ll cut Thore’s balls off and hand them back as earrings. 2)Just to let you know, Audrey is quite capable of cutting a man’s balls off 1)Oh, sorry! 2)Sorry, that came out wrong..

1)We are considered the Tiffany’s of divorce attorneys. 2)Well, I wish it was Home Depot, so you could rip his heart out with a chainsaw

But if we’re not open on a Tuesday, than why am I standing here on a Tuesday, if we’re not open?

consideration? I’m his fucking wife and he didnt even have the consideration to tell me he had a skull and cross bones pierced through the tip of his…

other person: I’ve heard enough

I’m not here on a Tuesday. I know, I know what you’re thinking- If I’m not here on a Tuesday, and we’re not open on a Tuesday, and today is Tuesday and I’m standing here, then how can it be. Well, it depends on how you look at it!

Is just like a snowball in hell.

This is the day every mother dreams of. The day she gets to see her daughter put a lock on the bedroom door – to keep her husband out.

You’re always saying you’ve got to fight to save a marriage. Well, you wanna fight?

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