Movie Quotes from Last Year at Marienbad: Quotes from the movie Last Year at Marienbad

–I have another game to suggest instead. I know a game I always win.
–If you can’t lose it’s not a game.
–I can lose. But I always win.

All you have to do is take an uneven number.

I think this game’s silly.

It’s the one who goes first who loses.

Once again everything was deserted in the immense hotel. Empty salons, corridors, salons, doors, doors, salons…empty chairs, deep armchairs…stairs, steps, steps one after another…glass objects, empty glasses…


There must be rules.

There’s a trick you have to know.

You never seem to be waiting for me, but we kept meeting at every turn of the paths. Behind every bush, at the foot of each statue, near every pond. It is as if it had been only you and I in all that garden.

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