Movie Quotes from Last Tycoon, The: Quotes from the movie Last Tycoon, The

‘Nor I you’? We’ll have to rewrite the scene and reshoot it.

–How old are you?
–I’ve lost track. About thirty-five, I think.

All writers are children. Fifty percent of them are drunks.

Don’t forget we’re in the middle of a depression.

I always wanted to hit ten million dollars.

I don’t think I have more brains than a writer. I just think that his brains belong to me.

I’ve been here since the silent days. I knew them all.

It was fake. It was false. Didn’t you notice.

Our condition is that we have to take people’s own favorite folklore and dress it up and give it back to them.

She’s too intelligent to be an actress.

They said at the table you were the ‘Boy Wonder.’

This seal has the memory of an elephant.

This studio will fall without me.

We both came from nothing.

We got 16 pictures going into production.

You play Ping-Pong well, Mr. Stahr?

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