Movie Quotes from Ladykillers, The: Quotes from the movie Ladykillers, The

**knock knock** Let me in motha fucka.
-Whats the password?
Kiss muh ass.

1. Uh-oh. IBS!! 2. You be what?

alone, these materials are harmless. you could even hit this with a hammer and it would— BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t make me go hippily-hop.

Easiest thing in the world.

Float like a leaf on the river of life, and kill the old lady.

Fuck you AND the Swiss Miss!!

GOD DAMN! You’s a fat muthafucka. Look at you boy, you got lunch on the table and you still eating breakfast. Spread out, boy, look at ya! Man, if ass was nickels you’d be a goddamn millionare. You are a disgrace before God. You’s a fat muthafucka. Oh, uh, good morning Mr. Gudge.

he brought his bitch to the waffle hut

I scarcely contain my glee.

Madam, we must have waffles! We must all have waffles forthwith!

This is a Christian house, boy. No hippily-hop language in here.

this mother fucker brought his bitch to the mother fuckin waffle hut.

Why, this is most irregular.

You, madam, are addressing a man who is in fact quiet … and yet, not quiet, if I may offer to you a riddle.

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