Movie Quotes from Ladybugs: Quotes from the movie Ladybugs

1)It’s a two-story house! 2)You wanna know why they call it a two-story? Because you get one story before they sell it to you and another story after you’ve bought it.

1- (laughing)
2- what are you laughing at?
1- if you saw what i was looking at you’d be laughing too.

a girl doesnt give the opposing team the finger and tell the coach up yous a girl doesnt refer to the referee as a blind bastard and a girl doesnt slap another girl on the ass and call her hot stuff and a girl doesnt say i gotta take a leak so bad i can taste it.

All I know is you can’t use your hands

All I know is…..I got alot of balls

Anybody in here, the mall’s on fire, the mall’s on fire!

Carmelita Chew. I collect butterflies.

CHESTER:A girl is like a beautiful flower. (A punk rocker girl walks by) Of course,there’s a weed every here and there.

CHESTER:You’re women! You’re liberated! You’ve got the vote! You can
burn your bras…when you get them.

Chew, Chew, the ball Chew. Butterflies are more important

Chu Chu Chu… Are you cheering or sneezing?

Coach Bull…Ha! I know your full name!

get those nailbreakers!
get those nailbreakers!

Hey Coach, Im gonna take you to the zoo, Yea theyll thank me for takin you back.

Hey, who lived here, the Addams family?

I have to piss so bad I can taste it!

If you took her to a dog show..she’d win!

Kiss the boss’s ass.

MOM! Those bitches broke my nail!

No, he’s not a stranger. He’s just strange.

Now he’s kissing the daughter’s ass

Now he’s kissing the daughter’s ass too.

Oh God, If you give us this win I’ll do anything! I’ll never cheat on my taxes again. I’ll never look at another woman.. for too long..

Postitively perfect pass by Penny Pester!

so you did it you did’nt need martha to win you did it yourself yea im going to miss her we were suppose to the movies well you can with me i’d like that

so you did it you didn’t need martha to win i’m gonna miss her though we were suoppse to go to the movies together well you can go with me

Tell her you like her hair. The way she parts her hair. In fact, tell her you like ALL her parts.

Tell her you love her eyes her hair the way she parts her haif infact tell her you love all of her parts.

The best, the best, you always want the best. Well, let me ask you this: what good is it being the best, if it brings out the worst in ya?

The ladybugs are losers cester! Cause your a loser.

We have as much chance as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest

Well, if I’m an asshole there’s a reason…You’re contagious!

What did the trees throw up

whats taking you so long your a young kid

Whats your name?
Do u have a last name?

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