Movie Quotes from La Bamba: Quotes from the movie La Bamba

1- bob.. did you hear what they said about richy? 2- are you sure they said richy? 1- what about connie?

And stars don’t fall from the sky .

And stars don’t fall from the sky.

BOB: Hey you know something? My old man wasn’t around when I was born. (TAKES A SWIG OF HIS VODKA OR LIQUOR AND SORT OF WINCES) Why should I be?

Bob:What the hell?Man,I was watching that,put that back on!Bartender:You’ve had enough for one afternoon,buddy.Bob:Put it back on,that dude’s my brother.Bartender:Yeah,and I’m your Irish uncle,too.Leave it off!

Come on! It’s gunna be a real gas kitten!

Hey…wanna buy a kilo?? odelay Carnalito….you did it!!!

i almost have to rape her to have sex with her. she thinks its dirty.

I practically have to rape her just to have sex…it’s dir….it’s dirty…

I said, suck my dick ho!

I want to see my daughter!!

its not my first or my last

just for that bob.. you can be my flunkie!

Leave me alone and go away, go and get yourself drunk for all I care!

Look… it could be worse, you could have been Riki Zuela.

my husband drank himself to death howard,don’t you think you owe his son something?

No dice Chino. I decide whats best for the sillouhettes. This aint it.

not everyone gets a shot at the brass ring,you gotta ask yourself whats more important your friends or your music………my family

Not my Ritchy!!! Not my RITCHY!!!!! NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!BOB, not my Ritchy.

Ohhhhhhhh, Donnnnna. OOOOHHHHHH, Donnna. (IASA)

Open the god damn door!

put a little mota in your love life

Richie: Where we goin? Bob: We’re goin to get laid!


smells like fish pedo tastes like chicken!

That’s Kiddie Stuff!

we’re getting out of this shithole, tomorrow

what do they mean by not letting you play richy? they dont know who the hell they are dealing with.. my grand dad was a full blooded yachi indian.

What do you think the whole fucking world revolves around you?

What is he I-talian?

Ya know, I always thought I’d die on a plane. 2) That’s a hell of a thing to say when we’re up in the air.

You ain’t the first, you ain’t the last.

you dont want a wife! you want a love slave!

you had me turned in! you had me locked up!

You know that art contest??? I won it. Two hundred dollars in prizes.

You’re the asshole with all the money, buy it yourself

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