Movie Quotes from Krays, The: Quotes from the movie Krays, The

-Reggie Kray, Ronnie Kray. You two brothers or sommet? (boxing referee)
-Yeah (Reggie and Ronnie)
-Ladies and Gentleman, the Kray Brothers! (boxing referee)

George Cornell: Goodnight Girls!

I adore the Beatles. You know the Beatles?

I got a word for you…BOLLOCKS to the lot of ya!

im gunna make you smile fer the rest of yer fuckin life

People talking behind Ronnie in the double R,… Ronnie: what did you call me.

Man: Me,no,no,i didnt call you anything.

Ronnie: yeah you did what did you callme, you called me a boy, you called me afucking boy.

Ronnie Kray: You wanna laugh behind my back? I’m gonna make you laugh forever.

Tell them you off lightly! Hear me?! Say thank you! (Thank you) SAY THANK YOU! (thank you)

Violet Kray:I hope your not trying to prevent me from taking my son home Doctor, because if you are… Rose! *Rose grabs the Doctor by the collar* Rose: Don’t tempt me, because I will you know. God help me I will!

Who loves ya? That’s right Mummy loves ya! More than all the cakes, more than all the chocolate, more than all the jewelry in the world…

You already got one foot in the grave jack, dont dive in head first.

You didn’t need tablets when you were ill Ronnie…All you needed…Was Reggie.

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