Movie Quotes from Kikis Delivery Service: Quotes from the movie Kikis Delivery Service

1: Hey! You can’t be late for every meal, you know! And you can wash your plate yourself!
2: Meow!
1: Meow! Why are talking like a cat?
2: Meow!!
1: Huh? Oh no!! Talk to me, Jiji!
1: I can’t understand anything he’s saying… That must mean… Oh no, my witch’s powers!

1: That’s the broom you’re going to be leaving on?
2: Yup. I just made it this morning all by myself.

1: Your broom is nice, but let’s take your mother’s.
2: You’re no help!

First, don’t panic! Second, don’t panic! And third, did I mention not to panic?!

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