Movie Quotes from Juggernaut: Quotes from the movie Juggernaut

(singing) Fallon is the championnnnnn

…I freely admit, in front of everyone here, thats you are still the guv’ner!

1/ And you still think we should give way to people like that?
2/ You make people like that!

1/ Buckland
2/ Ahhh ’tis a joyous sound…

1/ Did I ever tell you you’re a good man, Charlie Braddock??____ 2/ Not when you’re sober, sir…. no____ 1/ May you inherit the earth____ 2/ six feet of it I should think……

1/ Fallon!! Fallon, what happened??!!
2/ Charlie’s bomb *happened*… give the man his money

1/ I don’t even know the man and he’s trying to kill me…… 2/ Haven’t I told you about death???…. It’s natures way of telling you you’re in the wrong job!!!

1/ I’m going to pay the money
2/ I’ll convey your thoughts to the Minister
1/ Yes, I’ll bet you will, delivered in beautiful measured Whitehall prose!
2/ I can’t predict the consequences
1/ These are the consequences, we’re living through them!!… tell him to stuff his subsidies!

1/ Quiet please!
2/ *Rigaletto* to you, cock!!!

1/ [Toast] To the insanity of governments and the insanity of people who oppose them
2/ And to the poor simple sods who have to pick up the pieces

1/Mr Porter…. a man made those bombs… a man like us… like Fallon…it’s purely a technical problem….2/ Ha!! I thought you were going to say a *technical exercise*….. a chance to use your diplomatic expertise….people are dead____ is that a *technical problem*???!!! 1/ Shouting doesnt help…. 2/ I know…. I must control myself and not question government policy in a loud voice……. I must write to the families of the dead and ask them not to question government policy … THIS TIME TOMORROW I COULD BE DUPLICATING 1200 COPIES OF A LETTER TO 1200 FAMILIES ASKING THEM NOT TO QUESTION GOVERNMENT POLICY!!!!!!

1/Will the sea be very cold???____ 2/ In my professional opinion…… not hot….. and WILL ruin your hair

1/_I’m sorry it’s you, Fallon
2/_I’m sorry it’s me too, Sid

Buddy I am, by profession, a politician….. a mayor of a rather large city as a matter of fact……. in my line of work you have to learn how to lie with remarkable precision……. you also have to be able to recognise a lie when it bites you in the ass……and buddy…… I have just been bitten…..

Fallon is the champion!!!!!


HMS Britannic.

I may be stupid, but I’m not bloody stupid!

I should be playing at the (London) Palladium this week, but I failed the *written* test

I was working with Sid Buckland, I was on his team, go see Sid and tell him that young Fallon is in the fertilizer again

If at first you don’t succeed… dont make a bloody fool of yourself….

Little song… little song entitled *I can’t get over you… so I’ll have to get up and go ’round*

marvellous cure for seasickness…… blind terror

So he’s an Admiral… so he can get stuffed!

What a pitiful little bomb… one thing I cannot stand is enthusiastic amateurs…

What did the goldfish say???……. *There must be a god…I mean… who changed the water*!!!??

Your thoughts of death do not impress me, Captain! I’ve had them all my working life! My trade is survival! Get through the next 24 hours!!

[A dog runs into a fancy-dress party] Oh look, he’s come as a dog… he’ll win first prize!

[last line]____Red, lads! Cut the red! R.E.D. red!!!!

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