Movie Quotes from Johnny Mnemonic: Quotes from the movie Johnny Mnemonic

–They’ll negotiate. They’re corporate.
–So’s the Yakuza.


Come to Jesus!

Halt Sinners!

Have you done this before? Has the fish?

I carry nearly eightly gigs of data in my head.

I want a club sandwich, I want the cold mexican beer, and I want a ten thousand dollar a night hooker

It’s Jesus time!

Who ordered the pizza?

You are not expected and you are not invited. So, fuck off!!

You know all my life I have been careful to stay in my own corner, looking out for number one, no complications. Now suddenly I am responsible for the entire fucking world, and everybody and his mother is trying to kill me – if , if my head doesn’t explode first. Thats were I am supposed to be – not down here with the dogs and the garbage and the fucking last months newspaper blowing back and forth. I WANT ROOM SERVICE. I want the club sandwich, I want the cold mexican beer, I want the ten thousand dollar a night hooker. I want my shirts laundered like the do at the Imperial Hotel in Bejing.

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