Movie Quotes from Jetsons: The Movie: Quotes from the movie Jetsons: The Movie

COSMIC COSMO: Hey, what’s YOUR name?
JUDY: (flustered) Uh, J-J-Judy.
COSMIC: Well, J-J-Judy, we got a date Friday night!

MR. SPACELY: JETSON?! I wouldn’t hire Jetson if Spacely Sprockets was going bankrupt! If I needed a transfusion! If I lost my stockholders! My home! If I were peniless! PENILESS?!
ROBOT SECRETARY: He is expendable!
MR. SPACELY: Perfect!

MR. SPACELY: Now what, Jetson?! What is it THIS time?
GEORGE: Just another little glitch, Mr. Spacely!
MR. SPACELY: Another little glitch, huh?
GEORGE: (shakes the sprocket off his nose) Yes, sir.
MR. SPACELY: I think I know what thiat glitch is, Jetson, and I’m looking at him!

Mr. Spacely: What do you think you’re doing, Jetson?
George: Trying to shut down the plant before you do any more damage.
Mr. Spacely: Stay away from this button. That’s an order!
George: No sir, Mr. Spacely!
Mr. Spacely: What?!
George: I said No sir, Mr. Spacely! My gosh that felt good.
(Mr. Spacely blocks the button again)
George: Mr. Spacely, you can’t stand in the way of George Jetson!
(grabs rope from ceiling)
George: Geronimo!

Mr. Spacely: You’re destroying my plant! Turn the machines of! Turn ’em off!
George: Yes sir! Right away, sir! It’s off, sir.
Mr. Spacely: And get it started soon. Lost time means lost money. And lost money means lost Vice President. Get it?
George: Gulp!

STEWARDESS: May I get you anything?
MR. SPACELY: Don’t give those guys any more donuts!

There’s that cough again! Polly wanna gas mask?

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