Movie Quotes from Jaws 3-D: Quotes from the movie Jaws 3-D

(Kelly) I got a better idea. Like lagoons? (Sean) Lagoons? Lagoons…

1)He don’t sleep in, he don’t LIVE in. You tell Shelby Overman for me that he can take a flying leep in a rolling doughnut on a gravel driveway.

Is that my beeper or your beeper? I don’t know. I’ll use this beeper. I’ll have my beeper beep your beeper. I’ll have my beeper beep your beeper back!


They die magnificentily!

this was no boat accident and it wasnt any propeller it wasnt any coral reef and it wasnt

You don’t understand! Overman was killed INSIDE the park. The baby was caught INSIDE the park. It’s mother…is INSIDE the park.

You talkin bout some damn shark’s mother?

you talkin’ bout some damn sharks mutha?!?!

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