Movie Quotes from Jarhead: Quotes from the movie Jarhead

D.I. Finch: You are no longer black, or brown, or yellow, or red! You are now green, you are light green, dark green do you understand me!
All Marines: Sir Yes Sir!
D.I. Finch: Swofford!
Swofford: Sir Yes Sir!!
D.I. Finch: Are you the maggot whose father served in Vietnam.
Swofford: Sir Yes Sir!!
D.I. Finch: Did he have the balls to die there.
Swofford: Sir No Sir!!
D.I. Finch: To fucking bad…are you balling me with those baby blues?! ARE YOU!!!
Swofford: Sir No Sir!!!
D.I. Finch: Oh so you don’t think I look good in my uniform Swofford!
Swofford: Sir the Drill Instructor looks fabulous in his uniform Sir.
D.I. Finch: Oh so your gay then and you love me.
Swofford: Sir I’m not gay Sir.
D.I. Finch: Do you have a girlfriend Swofford?!
Swofford: Sir Yes Sir!!
D.I. Finch: Guess again mother-fucker, Jodie’s bangin’ her right now, I want you to give me 25 for every time she gets fucked this month!!! DOWN ON YOUR FACE!!!


DI: Private why did you join my corp! Anthony: Sir I got lost on my way to college sir!


Get some Marines!

hey look its a cock..only smaller


I love this job.

I thank god for every day that he gives me in the core… HOO RAH


Repeat after me, This is my rifle, There are many like it, but this one is mine, without my rifle I am nothing, without me, my rifle is nothing

She probably gets off tellin him her boyfriends a Jarhead!

Thats my wife!

Thou shall not kill, but hear this, FUCK THAT SHIT!

welcome to the suck

will you one day be able to say yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil because i am the baddest motherfucker in the goddamn valley?

You will not fear when you walk through the valley in the shadow of death, because you know that you are the baddest mother fucker in the valley!

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