Movie Quotes from Jailhouse Rock: Quotes from the movie Jailhouse Rock

‘Jailhouse Rock’

–How dare you think such cheap tactics would work with me!
–That ain’t tactics, honey. It’s just the beast in me.

–I think I’m going to just hate you.
–No, you ain’t gonna hate me. I ain’t gonna let you hate me.

1: I asked for nothing, I expected nothing and I got nothing.
2: Well, what’d you expect for nothing?

A woman and a bank did it. She got used to bonded bourbon. I robbed the bank.

I live here. I’m touchy about everything.

I run a business, sonny. I’m what you might call one of the top cons in this stir. I got representatives in the tailor shop, comissary, sick bay, kitchen and shoe shop, and theya ll work for me. You want a good haircut? I fix it. You want a good pair of shoes, a nice-fittin’ shirt? You gotta ask me. Just like everything else, you gotta pay for it. And this here is the coin of the realm.

I’m gonna buy me a herd of chorus girls and make ’em dance on my bed.

Lady, I don’t know what the hell you’re talkin’ about.

That ain’t tactics honey, that’s just the beast in me.

You just do what I say, when I say it. That’s the basis of my organization.

You scare me. Woman beaters always scare me.

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