Movie Quotes from It Could Happen to You: Quotes from the movie It Could Happen to You

Charlie: A promise is a promise!

Charlie: Ok, why don’t you decide? Door number one, double the tip, door number two, half of what I won in the lottery. Yvonne: I choose? Ok, I pick door number two. I choose half of what you won in the lottery. Pay up. Charlie: Ok, I was hoping you’d pick that one.

I played Emily in Our Town, people were crying buckets! Buckets!

It’s like we’re on two different channels now. I’m CNN and she’s the Home Shopping Network.

Murial Lang, woman with the heart of gold

Muriel Lang, ‘the woman with the heart of gold’.

Reporter: Is this the biggest tip you’ve ever received? Yvonne: Yes!

You should be locked up in that looney bin on Staten Island that Geraldo Rivera is always exposing!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘It Could Happen to You’: Quotes from the movie ‘It Could Happen to You’

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