Movie Quotes from International Velvet: Quotes from the movie International Velvet

(Piano teacher colapses dead on piano)

Lestat: Claudia! What have I told you!
Claudia: Not in the house?

dont be afraid. i’m going to give you the choice, I never had.

Girl: It’s a coffin. It’s a coffin Lestat: Look, so it is. You must be dead.

Lestat: Oh, Mon Dieu! More melancoly nonsense, I swear you grow more like Louie every day. Soon you’ll be eating rats.
Claudia: Rats? When did you eat rat’s Louie?
Louis: It was a long long time ago, before you where born (Slirp) And I don’t recomend them.

Louis, Louis! Always whining! (looks irritated) I’ve had to listen to this for centuries!

then you can damn me to hell

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