Movie Quotes from In Good Company: Quotes from the movie In Good Company

“PFG Carter, PFG.”
“What’s PFG?”
“Pretty fricken good!”

“You just pick the right one to be in the foxhole with, and when you’re out of the foxhole, you keep your dick in your pants.”

“You pussies ready to get schooled?”

I just want you to know I enjoyed talking to you more than maybe anyone in my entire life.

I think that you have the potential to be an awesome wingman

What’s the benefit of me being an awesome wingman?

You get to keep your job…

Let’s just feed him and get him the hell outta here, OK?


So you’re like prematurely old.

Sunday is a fun day to kick some ass.

That’s quite a kung-fu grip you got there Dan

The man has vision. He’s a maniac.

what’d you switch from mocha to crack!?

You’re the kind of person that it’s good to be in a foxhole with.

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