Movie Quotes from In Dreams: Quotes from the movie In Dreams

…I can live with this too.

1. I thought I was supposed to die in the lake!
2. Maybe you should develop a limp!

1.if you could have one wish daddy, what would it be?2.that i didn’t need one.

But i really went out of my way to bring you here!

I’m so sorry sorry sorry.

It had been a long day and things didn’t turn out the way…i thought they would.

Mom…something’s wrong…mom?….cat caught my tounge…mooommm…it hurts real bad-*RUBY WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!

my daddy was a dollar, he wrote it on a fence

My daddy was a dollar, I wrote it on a fence. My daddy was a dollar, not worth a hundred cents.

Oh, and now here’s the hostage stuff! i told ya so!

Sweet dreams, Vivian.

That’s the thing about dreams. They’re always right, and always wrong.

the carleton hotel, room 401!


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