Movie Quotes from In and Out: Quotes from the movie In and Out

(1) All the nominees are artists. We shouldn’t be forced to compete with each other, like dogs.
(2) Well, I hear ya. Good point. So, then why are ya here?
(1) In case I win.

(1) I’ve gotten some calls from parents wondering if, in fact, you were a ho-ho-ho-ho . . .
(2) Homeroom teacher?

(1)Do I look like a homosexual?
(2)Would you walk for me?


1) Are you wearing manly clothes? 2)..VERY 1) Are you, a man? 2) YEEES!!

1) My mom says it won’t last 2) Your mother’s an alcoholic…

1) People don’t kiss in Greenleaf? 2) NOT AT AN INTERSECTION!

1) Repeat after me. Yo.
2) Yo.
1) Hot damn.
2) Hot damn.
1) My, what a fabulous window treatment.
2) My, what a fabulous…

1) Repeat after me. Yo. 2) Yo! 1) Hot damn. 2) Hot damn! 1) What a fabulous window treatment. 2) What a fabulous window treat- 2) That was a trick!

1) You hate this don’t you. 2) Well look at it! 1) You want to be neat. You want to be tidy.

1) You’re a man! I’m a woman! 2) I’m gay. 1) IS EVERYBODY GAY!!!

1)Repeat after me…Yo. 2)Yo! 1)Hot damn! 2)Hot damn! 1)What a fabulous window treatment. 2)What a fabulous– 1) That was a trick. 2)Aagh.

1.I’ve seen all your movies. 2.Both of them?

Emily: I’m wearing a wedding dress THAT YOU PICKED OUT!

Howard: This is my Peter- my friend Peter! We just met at the intersexual, homosection… Intersection!

Tape: Now adjust yourself. (Howard fixes his hair) NOT there… The package, man. The family jewels. (Howard finally understands and jiggles his privates a little Now grab yourself. Howard: Ugh… (grabs his crotch) Tape: Now pretend you’re in a bar and repeat after me… Yo! Howard: Yo! Tape: Hot damn! Howard: Hot damn! Tape: What a fabulous window treatment! Howard: What a fabulous- Tape: That was a trick! Howard:… Grrrr!

Alright! I’m gay, I’m a homo. I like guys. I mean, I still do it with chicks every chance I get, and I’m totally good at it, but I hate it, and I’m gay.

Be a man! Kick someone, punch someone, bite someone’s ear!

Blowin’ in the wind.

Everything’s coming up roses.

Excuse me, are we a little teapot?

First woman-My husband has three testicles! second woman-Bob! first woman-its disgusting

Fuck Barbara Striesand

Howard Brackett is a big homo, queer, Mary, sissy man! He just came out at his big church wedding! Martha Stewart is furious!

I need a heterosexual code red!!!!

I need some beauty, and some music, and some place cards before I die. It’s like heroine.

I will survive.

is everybody gay? is this a twilight zone?

Martha Stewart is furious!

She was to old for ‘Yentl’.

stop dancing you bitch ballerina!!!!!!!!

Think about John Wayne, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold doesn’t dance, he can hardly walk!

This is my Goddamn bachelor party, and I am not going to Goddamn watch–pardon my split infinitive–Funny Girl!

This is my Peter, friend Peter! We just now ran into each other, here at the intersexual . . . homosection . . . intersection!

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