Movie Quotes from I Spy: Quotes from the movie I Spy

–He’s a bad guy, right?
–I don’t know. People are flip-flopping so much, I lost track.

–Hey! That wasn’t so bad!
–Yeah! Are your legs numb?

–Hey, what’s this? It looks like a sock.
–It’s a secret spy mask.
–Hey, man! This is a sock!

–There’s one thing that will always make a man talk.
–Cut my belt?

–You’re alive.
–Don’t tell anyone.

1)He’s a bad guy, right?
2)Well i don’t know. People are flip-flopping so much i lost track.

Aaahhh! My legs broken, I broke my leg

An undetectable nuclear delivery system could transform your tiny country into a superpower.

Bite her ass man! Don’t bite it hard enough to break the skin, now, but make sure to leave a mark so she can show all her friends the next day.

But I can’t help noticing my stuff looks like you got it at Radio Shack in 1972.

Did you see that? That was a big explosion.

eddie murphy – leafy bug

Hey, I can see you, and me, and you, and…oh, I like this!

I think you broke my spine… but in a good way

Kelly Robinson says brain!!!!!

Leafybug……..jelly bird

like a jelly bird? yeah like a..thats the street name for it jelly bird

Size matters! But in the spy world, it’s reversed.

Size matters. But in the spy world, it’s reverse.

Some type of top-secret mission or something.

Something about America needs me.


That guy is a born jerk.

That guy is so annoying.

That’s the kind of stuff we’ll be doing on the mission

thats what ya’ll should call that thing…the leafy bug

This guy gives me a headache.

What do you know about the Leafy Bug, sissy?

You got an idea? oh, I got to see this.

You know what you are, my friend? You’re a why not guy, as oppose to
a why guy.

You know what you are? You booty-blind! Yeah, that’s right. It’s like bein’ snow blind but it ain’t no snow– just a sweet peice of ass!

You used to transport cars? Somethin’ like that.

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