Movie Quotes from I Love You to Death: Quotes from the movie I Love You to Death

1.) but Joey, what about your wife? 2.) No, she can’t come

Deliver us from Freedom.

Devo: I’ve found myself a wonderful woman……but she’s married.

Devo: Mystic Crystal, let it shine. Spikes just like a porcupine.

Don’t think of them as drug addicts. Think of them as killers.

HOW can a kangaroo give birth to a human baby?

I’m a man – I gotta lotta hormones

I’m Italian. I’m a man. I have lots of hormones in my body.

If we’re gonna waste the dude, we ought to get paid for it, man.

If we’re gonna waste the dude, we oughta get paid for it. I mean, that’s the American way, ain’t it?

In this country, they kill each other left and right. And nobody gets caught.

Is that legal… having sex with a kangaroo?

Joey:This guy just came at me from the bushes with a baseball bat wearing an Abraham Lincoln’s mask. cop: What did he look like? Joey: He looked like Abraham Lincoln stepping up to bat.

Vhat good are you? You woke him up!!

We’re not communists here, ya know. We’re Americans who got a right to make a living.

[chanting from upstairs] Reg-gie! Reg-gie! Reg-gie![downstairs] Do you hear that? They want reggae music.

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